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An event hall for all your events

Hotel and Conference Centre Ter Elst is the ideal place to organise your events. A central location, free parking for 500 cars and a variety of rooms are just a few of the many benefits we offer our guests. Below we will tell you all about our event hall. Are you looking for a suitable room to organise a large-scale event? This hall is the ideal solution!

The different options of our event hall

The event hall is situated in the Ter Elst conference building and is also referred to as the Expo Hall. This 1000m² multi-purpose hall is perfectly suitable for receptions, formal balls, dinners, meetings, fairs and much more. Video conferences can also be held without problems. Screens are fitted in the room and you can also use the wired network.

In addition, our event hall is standard equipped with a powerful beamer, an installation for background music and atmospheric LED lights. In short: several options to organise a real first-class event. Besides, the Expo Hall is ideal as a plenary room and can be hired in combination with our other rooms, including an exhibition space and auditorium.


Organise the event hall according to your wishes

When hiring our event hall a number of standard facilities are included, but it is also possible to fully arrange and decorate the room according to your wishes.

Our team is always ready to listen to your wishes; tell us what you want and we will be glad to accept the challenge! Cars can be driven into the hall and a special atmosphere can be created. A catering service is also available if you wish. In the event hall a seated dinner or lunch can be organised for up to 800 people and a walking dinner for up to 1000 people. Whatever your wishes are, our flexible team will make sure that everything is organised to the nines! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a full and detailed quote for your event.

Hiring an event hall in Antwerp

If you are looking for an event hall in the province of Antwerp, you have come to the right place at Hotel and Congress Centre Ter Elst in Edegem. We have a large Expo Hall suitable for several events and which can be fully arranged according to the wishes of our customers. Contact us at or call +32(0)3 450 90 00 for further information about our event hall or for a customised quote. Thanks to Ter Elst your event will be an event to remember!