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Ideal location for your staff party

Celebrating your employees and promoting the team spirit at the same time: a staff party stimulates the people at your company in a fun way. Are you looking for the right location to organise a staff party? Make sure to explore the options of hotel and conference centre Ter Elst. And we offer more than just a suitable location: our team is also ready to assist and intervene in the organisation of the party. If you come to us you can be sure that your staff party will be an absolute success!


A staff party tailored to your company's needs

One of our biggest assets is our personal approach. Organising a staff party starts with an exploratory meeting, where we discuss what it is the customer wants. Will a certain theme be used? How many guests will attend? Do we have to book animation? You tell us about your ideas, we make sure they get done; obviously within the agreed budget. You can also leave the catering for your staff party to us. Ter Elst works together with a number of preferred caterers who offer a wide range of culinary options, from hot snacks to an extensive three-course dinner.

A staff party tailored to your company's needs.
Looking for the right venue for your staff party?

Combine your staff party with a team building activity

Do you want to strengthen the relation with your employees? In that case team building is something for you. For this type of event you have also come to the right place at Ter Elst. From archery over a djembé workshop to a game of life-like Cluedo: we do it all! Be sure to visit this page for more information. Or maybe you want to combine team building with a staff party? No problem at all! Thanks to Ter Elst you will organise an unforgettable day for your employees!


Looking for the right venue for your staff party?

A staff party is the ideal moment to get to know your employees differently. This type of party also changes the dimension of the relation between colleagues. In short: it will undoubtedly improve the atmosphere in your company. If you are looking for a suitable venue for a staff party, please contact Ter Elst in Edegem (Antwerp). We offer lots of possibilities to organise your party, including the combination with a team building activity. Did we get your attention? Call +32(0)3 450 90 00 or send an e-mail to